How to get here
- You can arrive by a 4x4 vehicle with a private driver. With this option the driver can pick you up anywhere in Fortaleza and take you directly to Pousada Jeribá. The trip by 4x4 takes about 4.5 hours on the road. Alternatively, you can take the 4x4 on the beach, stopping for lunch and for sightseeing. This option takes between 6 and 8 hours, depends on the tides.

-Helicopter; departing from any point in Fortaleza and arrives directly in Jericoacoara. The trip is made along the coastline and takes about an hour.

-Busline: the public bus service, run by Fretcar, departs from several points in Fortaleza. The bus arrives in Jijoca, and from there the passengers must take a truck to arrive in Jeri. This option takes about six hours.

The amount of time it takes to arrive in Jeri is subject to change without notice due to unforeseen. We cannot accept any responsibility for the information provided.